Interactions with Beauty: Why the Arts and Nature are Even More Important than the Three R’s

Workshop Speaker: Rachel Lebowitz

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About This Workshop

Have you ever tried to cut subjects in your homeschool in order to find peace, but instead found only drudgery?

Charlotte Mason said a child needs something to love, something to think about, and something to do every day.

When we strip our homeschools down to just the 3 R’s, our children only have something to do. As human beings, we have a need to love and to feed on living ideas that nurture our souls. Fine Arts and spending time in nature allows us the room to breathe, the opportunity to reflect, to express ourselves, connect with each other, and connect with the Almighty.

Join Rachel as she talks about her personal experiences in prioritizing beauty in her homeschool as well as the scientific benefits of including Arts and Nature in education.
It is through interactions with beauty that we find peace, comfort, and connection.

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