Inoculating Your Child Against Radicalization

Workshop Speaker: John C. Hancock & Elizabeth Sexton

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About This Workshop

The premise of the American Founder’s was that children—taught to love God, nation, and family—would mature into self-governing citizens able to build communities united in a shared moral understanding. Such communities would solve problems locally, keeping big government out. But over the years, these moral foundations have eroded, and radical ideas have arisen in their place. One of the most serious is critical race theory. Parents urgently need to protect their children, but how? CS Lewis taught that the only way to address bad philosophy is by teaching good philosophy. Fathom the Good shows you how to teach good philosophy in the home. Our one-of-a-kind, classical high school curriculum includes Podcasts for Parents and a Dinnertime Discussion Guide so even the busiest parents can stay abreast of what their child is learning. We equip parents with the tools needed to engage children of all ages meaningfully, to prepare them to address alluring but deceitful ideologies and to defend faith and moral traditions reasonably and confidently. Don’t miss this opportunity! Learn how Fathom the Good can inoculate your child against an increasingly radical world.

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