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Immersive Learning in the Metaverse

Workshop Speaker: Kathleen Ouellette

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About This Workshop

The brain is wired to learn through experiences - through engagement. Think of how babies and toddlers learn. They choose what they are attracted to, they explore, they move. A spoon hits a bowl, beads drop into containers, each makes a sound, and their actions cause reactions. Their environment is their classroom. That wiring doesn't change, yet modern day methods require students, starting at young ages, to sit at desks, listen to lectures, be shown examples and asked to replicate things. Where is the experience, how deep can comprehension go, when the body is asked to remain static? When the fun is taken away? These days even homeschooling parents are struggling to get children engaged and excited about their studies. Students that use the metaverse to learn in are statistically more motivated to learn, receive higher grades, and enjoy learning more. When you immerse yourself in whatever it is you are learning and become kinesthetically engaged with areas of exploration, learning is more engaging, it becomes easier, and allows the brain to understand concepts presented. Come learn how you can bring the metaverse into your curriculum to help your students engage with concepts and ideas they are curious about and make learning fun again.