Hybrid Homeschool

Workshop Speaker: Elliot Munro

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About This Workshop

What is Hybrid Homeschool?

We recognize that to educate our students we need to support them intellectually, socially and emotionally.

At Welcome Home Learning, we work with you to personalize your child's learning plan, offering different levels of support for families depending on your needs. In this “hybrid” homeschool model you can have as little, or as much, support as you want!

Not only will you have access to an award-winning curriculum but you can scale your level of support to utilize our educational resources such as teachers, tutors, mentors, and learning coaches.

We believe all students have a right to a learning environment that serves them and recognize the one-size-fits-all approach of the standard educational model does not work for all students. That’s why the Welcome Home Learning philosophy is built upon:

• A rigorous, standards-based curriculum
• A platform that allows you to pick your lessons and learning plan
• Optional virtual and hands-on supports available as needed

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