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How to Teach Nature Journaling - Even if You Don’t Feel Like an Artist

Workshop Speaker: Kelly Sipan

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About This Workshop

Nature journaling provides a simple, enjoyable way to build observation skills, learn science, and explore the world around us… but sometimes it’s hard to actually make it happen! Do you feel intimidated by nature journaling, or don’t know where to begin? In this hands-on, encouraging workshop, you’ll learn how to make nature journaling happen in your homeschool in an enjoyable, simple way. In the workshop, we’ll be ready with paper, art materials, and nature books so we can have fun trying out nature journaling together (no show-and-tell required!) and learn how to implement nature journaling with your children, step-by-step. You’ll walk away ready to get started with nature journaling in your own homeschool! This workshop is taught by Kelly of SoCal Nature Kids - a Charlotte Mason homeschool mom and certified California Naturalist who is most comfortable drawing stick figures but has discovered the delight and benefits of nature journaling.