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How to Tech Less & Talk More Using The Gamification of Conversation

Workshop Speaker: Dana & Chip Brown

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About This Workshop

Statistics show people touch their phone 2,000 times per day. People on all sides of the political spectrum agree that social media is harmful to child development and has massive negative impact even on adults. More content was created in the last month than a person can consume in a lifetime. Interpersonal communication is a waning art and it’s only getting worse. Screentime and social media are ruining relationships.

This session offers practical advice and solutions to help families, friends, and communities tech less and talk more while sharpening their interpersonal communication skills, strengthening their relationships, and having a ton of fun together. You’ll learn simple, practical ideas you can implement today without any products or expense. Attendees will also have the opportunity to try “the gamification of conversation” in the workshop, and all attendees will receive the print & play edition of The Rank Game for free if they’d like one.