How to Teach Classic Literature (Even if You Don't Know Virginia Wolf from Beowulf)

Workshop Speaker: Janice Campbell

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About This Workshop

How to Teach Classic Literature (Even If You Don’t Know Virginia Woolf from Beowulf)Reading well—that means reading good things in a good way—can change your life. What are these good things, and how can you read them well? Which of the “Great Books” should every student read, and how can you help your students learn when you haven’t read these books yourself? In this inspiring workshop, you’ll learn how to read challenging books; how context resources such as art, music, and history can help you understand a great work; how literary periods can reveal clues to an author’s worldview; and how to help your high school students develop the kind of deep reading and writing skills they will need in college. You’ll leave knowing how important literature is, and confident that you can teach it! [Focus: Parent Training, Literature, Teens, Audience favorite!]

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