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How To Send Your Student To College Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money

Workshop Speaker: Shellee Howard

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About This Workshop

Would you like to learn how to send your child to the college of their dreams WITHOUT paying full price, and in many cases, even go to college debt-free? Student debt has just reached an all-time high amounting to $1.4 trillion dollars! Kids are getting out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that they can’t pay off while supporting themselves. Many have had to move back in with their parents to make ends meet. It’s an enormous problem that families are struggling with. This book will prevent you from making the costly mistakes that the majority of families make. The author, Shellee Howard, is a College Consultant who sent her son to Harvard debt-free and her son graduated in 4-years! She’s helped hundreds of families all over the world get into and graduate from the college of their dreams debt-free. Her passion is helping families create a plan to minimize their debt and that allows the student to stand out and shine among their competition. Shellee’s favorite saying is “What You Do Not Know, Will Cost You.” That’s why she wrote this book. To help families develop a plan so they can have choices and save thousands of dollars on tuition. In this book, you will discover: The Top 3 Things That Colleges Are Looking For What Happens If Your Students Does Not Pick The Right College Why Your Student Cannot Afford NOT to Go to College The Ingredients of a Successful Application How to Prepare Your Student for College How to Send Your Student to College Without Student Loans Top Secrets to Getting Scholarships How to Ace the College Admissions Interview And so much more! Also included is a Checklist for Success at the end of the book. Buy this book right now if you want to discover the author’s insider secrets as a paid college consultant on how to NOT pay full price for college, how to send your child to their dream college, and how not to lose your mind in the process!