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How to Homeschool Jr. High

Workshop Speaker: Lisa Nehring

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About This Workshop

Homeschooling Junior High School isn’t for wimps. If you are raising a middle school student, you might have this strange sense of deja vu. You feel like you’ve been through this stage before…but somehow a little different. They were shorter…less smelly (most of the time)…and talked less (or at least less clearly). Homeschooling during the Jr. High years can be tricky, as you child questions your authority.
Though the Jr High years can be challenging, this too will pass. Your child is transitioning from dependency to mature interdependency, from little to big. As with all transitions, it can be a tricky time to navigate, but take heart! Like toddlerhood, the Jr High years don’t last forever! In this workshop we'll talk about the purpose of Jr High and how to navigate these exhausting but oh so important developmental years!