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How to Build Listening Skills with the Music Memory Program for Children Ages 4-14

Workshop Speaker: Mollie Tower

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About This Workshop

Come learn about helping your children improve their listening skills!
• MUSIC MEMORY is an active listening program designed to successfully engage students in attentive listening to timeless musical works. Students build listening skills by fully engaging and responding to musical elements in each selection.
• The goals of the MUSIC MEMORY program are to make classical music relevant to today’s young people, and to truly honor great composers and their masterpieces. Through this nationally recognized curriculum program, students gain a deep understanding and appreciation of western classical music while improving their overall listening skills.
• The high quality, thorough and enjoyable video-based music listening experiences are based on powerful current brain research linking music and brain development.
• Music students will hear the rest of their lives is selected from the Renaissance through Contemporary historical periods. Prominent composers of orchestral, vocal, choral, band and keyboard pieces are featured.
• MUSIC MEMORY helps young listeners achieve goals aligned with state and national standards for music education while developing an increased capacity to listen attentively.