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Workshop Speaker: Mandy Krause

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About This Workshop

The Welder Wildlife Foundation’s Rangelands: A Conservation Education Guide provides hands-on, active learning with many outdoor activities to help Pre-K through 5th grade educators convey the importance of natural resource conservation while establishing real world connections to science. This session will provide an overview of the curriculum, discuss the value that rangeland ecosystems provide, and highlight some of our most popular activities. Participants will receive our FREE digital curriculum guide that contains 27 easy to use engaging lessons designed to meet the needs of all learners. Lessons explore connections between healthy ecosystems, food production, and community wellness. These include activities about plant and animal adaptations, habitat, soil and landforms, watersheds, weather and climate, interactions in ecosystems, stewardship and more. The curriculum uses a variety of teaching methods to engage children in outdoor learning including modeling, role play, journaling, science investigations and experiments, hands-on inquiry, and many other exciting experiential learning opportunities!

Come see why educators say “this curriculum will affect my teaching for years to come”! This session is most appropriate for Pre-K through 5th grade educators however material is easily adaptable to a variety of ages.

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