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Helping Tweens, Teens and Adults Master Reading Skills and Comprehension

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About This Workshop

Nationally over sixty percent of students are not proficient in reading. Students with poor reading skills and comprehension often think they are dumb and become unmotivated when, in reality, English is confusing, and they were not taught to read in a way they understood. Many students believe their struggle is normal or try to mask their troubles. As a result of the reading program I developed, I have helped students of all ages, including college students and graduates, even if they did not initially realize they struggled. This workshop will focus on why English can be frustrating to learn to read and common mistakes. I will introduce you to my program and how to use it for your situations. This program teaches reading from historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bible, classics, and current literature. You will learn to determine if your student is phonetically reading and comprehending what they read and how to help tweens, teens, and adults improve in a few weeks to a few months.