Growing Generations of Health by Teaching Homeopathy

Workshop Speaker: Paola Brown

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About This Workshop

Many of us have learned this the hard way: If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Surely, you work hard protect the health of your kids/teens and family. We all try to choose the right foods, the right medicine, and the right supplements; so many of us work hard to protect and maintain overall wellness. But have you passed on this vital knowledge to your kids and teens? Or maybe you want to learn a bit more about true principles of health. In this workshop, we will talk about how parents can help grow generations of health by intentionally teaching principles of health and homeopathy to their children. And if you’re new to the wonderful world of homeopathy, you can learn right alongside your kids. In this workshop we will cover:
 How many of our parents, grandparents, and beyond knew the basic principles about health and wellness, but this information has been lost for many of us. Paola’s compelling story is no different, and she shares about the chain of wellness was lost in her family and how she reclaimed it.
 We all know Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory, but we will learn about Terrain Theory and the story of Antoine Béchamp (Pasteur’s rival). This oft-neglected theory is so important for your learners to know so that they can empower themselves in a world where fear prevails over health.
 What homeopathic medicine is, exactly? It’s not essential oils, herbs, or supplements! Being its own system of medicine, we will talk about how it works, why it works so well, and how you can pass on the confidence and health homeopathy gives to your family. Paola’s amazing experience with this wonderful and natural medicine will inspire you to jump in and teach homeopathy to your family.
 What are the first principles you should teach your children when it comes to homeopathy. Paola will talk about memory work, the top 19 homeopathic remedies to teach your kids, and the 5 key principles of wellness every family should know.

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