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Gameschooling: Put the FUN Back into Learning the FUNdamentals

Workshop Speaker: Carrie De Francisco

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About This Workshop

Gameschooling... Yes, it's a thing! And it is a great way to homeschool too. Play is the work of childhood so don’t skip playing games in your homeschooling. Did you know it takes over 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain and to learn something new, yet when playing games it only takes 10-20 repetitions? In this session, Carrie focuses on how to put the FUN back into learning the FUNdamentals. Carrie shares:

• why it is beneficial to incorporate games into your lessons,

• the hidden blessings of gameschooling,

• easy ways to include more games in your lessons,

• tons of game recommendations for all subjects and grade levels

• ways to collect games without breaking your budget,

• and most importantly how to get started.

The best part is the Q & A Session at the end.