Fun-Schooling - Finding Your Child's Passion and Helping Them Nurture It

Workshop Speaker: Sarah Janisse Brown

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About This Workshop

When a child loves a topic learning becomes easy and natural. It's true that real learning happens only when you want to know something or when you need to know something. When you try to teach a child something that they don't want to learn, and feel is unnecessary you both lose. Teaching a child that doesn't want to learn is like trying to potty train a cat. What makes a child want to wake up early, stay up late, and pour their hearts into learning and mastering a topic or skill?

How do you get kids to focus on learning skills that are not interesting to them, but needed? How do you create a learning environment that constantly sparks curiosity, wonder and fun? How to you do it all with a cup of tea in one hand and your feet propped up on a pillow? Does it sound impossible? It's not. This mom of 15 figured out how to Fun‐School, while struggling with sickness for many months at a time. Though it all her children are all thriving because their education is based on their passions!

Four of the Brown children, ages 19-23, have now graduated and are supporting themselves while engaging in successful business and callings all over the USA. Sarah’s oldest daughter is Anna Miriam Brown, who struggled with dyslexia as a child but now is a musical theater writer in New York, who wrote His Story The Musical (a new show getting ready for Broadway this year).

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