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Fostering Creativity in Your Home with the Future in Mind

Workshop Speaker: Jessica Glasner

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About This Workshop

In the beginning… God Created! He loves His creation and we are made in His image and after Him we create. We create to bring him glory.
From the time we were very young, my parents could see the joy and laughter that came as my sisters and I ventured out creatively. Everything from play-dough sculptures, paper cut-out flowers arrangements, beautiful little songs, to after dinner musical productions (and the list goes on!) My parents didn’t realize that these early years of having fun were the foundation for a lifetime of gifts that would bless our future work, education, relationships, and spirits.
Creativity is a fragile thing. One must carefully guide little ones as they are learning how to play and how to create. God gave us the most beautiful textbook on learning called the Bible. We can learn His ways and His desires as we create, following His example as the Master Artist.
Over the course of this workshop, Jessica will share how to make your family a SAFE place to ‘reveal’ creations, whatever medium they come in, (music, song, dance, story, poem, painting, food creations, etc.). A safe place where words are carefully shared, criticism weighed before being offered, and applause given for trying, whether the outcome is the desired one or not. A safe place to grow and pursue excellence, while still enjoying the journey.
The journey to creativity can be rocky at times, but it is well worth the trip!