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"Fake and Fatal: The Crisis of Fentanyl in America"

Workshop Speaker: Michael DeLeon

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About This Workshop

One of the FASTEST GROWING and DEADLIEST trends in drug experimentation and abuse is counterfeit pills, marketed as safe, normal “prescription pills” to kids throughout this country and the lacing of fentanyl into all illicit drugs including marijuana. Most of these counterfeit pills and powder are manufactured with a deadly synthetic drug called synthetic Fentanyl. Kids are obtaining the pills from social media, friends, acquaintances, other online avenues, and they are dying. Deaths from fake pills with fentanyl are surging across the country, especially among our young children who could never tell the difference between a real pill and a fake pill. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health alert in December 2020 because of an increase in synthetic opioids that hit the United States. Parents and guardians don't usually have this conversation about this issue because no one thinks it's going to happen to them. The kids who are dying are not usually illicit drug addicts. They're kids who think popping a pill is safe, and it's not. It's deadly. Parents and guardians need to be equipped with current facts and data and audience members will leave this workshop literally enlightened. They will also have access to an online curriculum on Fentanyl, the first of it's kind in America.