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Help Strengthen Your Child’s Executive Function Skills and Wire Them for Success

Workshop Speaker: Colleen Kessler

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About This Workshop

Do you feel frustrated when trying to get your kids to follow through on a task, initiate a new one, make a plan, keep their rooms clean, or regulate their emotions? Executive function skills are tough for all kids to hone and harness, and especially challenging for neurodiverse kiddos.

Sometimes it seems like your overexcitable engineer can hyper focus on one thing for days on end, while at other times that same kid can’t remember to brush her teeth or tie her shoe. Your creative artist can paint for hours, but never remembers where she left her brushes and leave a mess in her wake. And your teen’s bedroom… well, some things may be beyond even this session’s allowed timeframe!

Executive function skills cover a lot of ground, so in this session Colleen will talk about what they are, what they mean for your kiddos and their learning, and how you can help improve them. You’ll walk away with practical strategies and tips, along with resources to help you help your family on their way to strong executive function skills.