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Everyone Can (And Should!) Learn an Instrument: Discover the Amazing Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits of Musicianship

Workshop Speaker: John Futch

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About This Workshop

Did you know that cows produce more milk when they listen to Mozart? This may sound like udder nonsense, but it’s true! And did you know plants grow stronger and faster if you serenade them with your violin? But enough with the cows and plants (for now). The effects of music on human beings are simply astounding. Music can reduce pain, help heal physical and psychological ailments, improve memory and concentration, relieve depression and anxiety, and much more besides. Want the maximum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits? Learn an instrument! “There’s not a musical bone in my body.” Nah, you got this. Join me for a fascinating rediscovery of the blessings of music, while also learning how to successfully practice and play an instrument—even if you’re not musically inclined! (Notes—high and low—will be provided at the workshop.)