Evaluating Assessments

Workshop Speaker: Danni Gugel

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About This Workshop

Psychoeducational Testing, Neuropsychological Testing, Cognitive and IQ Assessments, Academic Testing, Standardized Testing….there are many options for evaluation and assessment and choosing the right ones for your child can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least! Each of these assessments can serve a valuable purpose but it is important to be strategic in assessment selection and picking who administers the assessment. We’ll sort it all out, so you leave this workshop understanding how to make the best choice for your family.

In this parent workshop, you will learn:
*Best assessments to inform progress and placement for homeschool educators
*What options there are for assessing learning difficulties
*What to look for when choosing an assessment provider
*The differences in getting assessed or diagnosed through school, a pediatrician, or psychologist
*Different types of testing and what each type is best for
*When is testing warranted

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