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Entrepreneurship: From Concept to Cashflow to Career, Helping Your Kids Discover a Passion for Business

Workshop Speaker: Dana & Chip Brown

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About This Workshop

When challenged at age 11 to help pay for her summer ballet intensives, our daughter burst into tears. It seemed overwhelming. But after a few minutes of brainstorming what she could do to make money and start a business, her eyes lit up and excitement grew. Fast-forward 11 years and several successful business and ministry endeavors and our daughter has bucked the traditional path after college graduation. She is living in NYC, successfully running her own marketing and media company, as well as modeling, with flexible time to pursue her passions. Homeschool families have the advantage of flexible schedules and time for kids to explore different passions, interests and business opportunities. Chip and Dana will share how their three kids all started successful businesses, and joined them in different roles in creating and launching their family company, Storyastic. This session offers practical advice and solutions for how they challenged, coached, equipped and empowered their kids to become entrepreneurs. They will share the valuable life lessons learned from kids starting their own businesses, and give tips on how to best help as a parent and when to get out of their way. With the volatile job market, homeschool families are in a unique position to empower their kids to be self-starters, take initiative and give them the confidence to succeed.