Ensure your Beginning Reader Learns to Read & Spell

Workshop Speaker: Deede Cauley, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

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About This Workshop

Looking for a reading curriculum to start your child off right? Lost in the debate regarding sight words versus phonics? Concerned that your child is “reading” by looking at pictures and guessing the words? Get the confidence you need to ensure that your child gets a solid start in reading and spelling. This READING AND SPELLING PURE & SIMPLE (RSPS) workshop will explain how students learn to read and spell.

The RSPS creator, Deede Cauley, will provide specific and simple things parents can do to prepare their young children so that they will be enthusiastic and want to learn to read and spell. The workshop will demonstrate a simple, easily accomplished, enjoyable process when using RSPS, one that will provide a solid phonics foundation for students — no matter what curriculum a parent might choose for their children. The workshop will explain why reading, spelling, and comprehension are best learned at the same time. You will leave this workshop knowing how to teach your child so that reading is easy — the way it was meant to be.

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