Bringing History to Life for the YouTube Generation

Workshop Speaker: Dr. William (Billy) Jackson

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About This Workshop

In 2021 good virtual curriculum is not optional. Learning how to read with discernment is not optional either, given the information landscape we find ourselves in, online, and through every form of media. The Nomadic Professor offers rigorous, scaffolded history courses, that address both of these urgent needs, and many more. Each course features a strong focus on historical literacy or learning how to read and consume information with the same level of discernment that professional historians and fact-checkers do. Every session has been designed and written by college professor William Jackson (The Nomadic Professor) with the same rigor and engagement he brings to his popular college classroom, including his original mini-lectures filmed on-location throughout the world.

Dr. Jackson’s rigorous content has been made accessible to high school students by high school teacher Nate Noorlander (BA Philosophy, History teaching) who provides all the scaffolding they’ll need to gain tremendous insights into the history and their own capacity for discernment (guided notes, quizzes, document lessons, flashcards, etc.).

In this workshop we will present what we see as the key elements of a good online history course, based on our combined experience teaching online and in the classroom (at the high school and college levels). The workshop is intended for families who are looking for help improving what they already do, as well as families who are in the market for something new.

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