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Education in Friendship: Why There is No Real Education without Friends and Friendship

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Christopher Perrin

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About This Workshop

What we learn, we usually learn because of the gift and love of others who teach us, write, mentor, and guide us. In the classical Christian tradition, to teach is to love, and to love is to befriend. Aristotle taught that friends can be useful, pleasing, and also virtuous, helping us to become more virtuous ourselves. Augustine, however, believed that teachers should teach out of love for truth, love for students, and love for Christ who is the Teacher who indwells both teacher and student, creating a bond between teacher and student of sympathy and fellowship. Such an academic friendship is at the heart of deep, meaningful education. In this seminar, we will explore the ways in which education is friendship and the practical means we can employ to teach our own children not only as parents but as friends.