Dyslexia? Autism? ADHD? Reading & Spelling Made Easy!

Workshop Speaker: Deede Cauley, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT

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About This Workshop

Learn simple steps you can take to ensure your child learns to read and spell. This workshop explains how we learn to read and spell with a brief discussion of recent research and how a parent can change the way his or her student processes information in the brain. Learn why some students dislike or struggle with reading -- including but not limited to those with learning disabilities (Comprehension and Spelling deficits, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dysgraphia, and ESL) - and what you can do about it!

Parents can be confident that their children will be good readers who have strong comprehension skills, an excellent vocabulary, and the ability to spell accurately. The RSPS curriculum which consists of 90 lessons, is all-inclusive and complete in one book requiring no yearly levels. Workbooks are designed to support the main textbook. RSPS provides a solid foundation for any curriculum a parent might choose.

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