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Discipling the YouTube Generation: Transforming Media from Vice to Virtue

Workshop Speaker: Erick Goss

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About This Workshop

YouTube is engrained in the culture of the rising generation. It is also one of many technology platforms that are addictive by nature - especially for kids. But what if we raised our kids to not just resist the harmful temptations of media, but also to use media for their benefit? What if our kids could actually be inspired, sharpened, and delighted by the content they consume? Join Erick Goss, CEO of Minno and dad of three homeschooled daughters, as he teaches us how to help our kids enjoy the best of what media has to offer - without being dominated, deluded, or distracted by it. Erick will give practical tools for forming healthy technology habits as a family, helping your kids become more self-regulated in their media choices, and finding content that fuels discipleship.