Creation Not Confusion

Workshop Speaker: Gary Bates

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About This Workshop

Unfortunately (and from our experience) even most Christians believe that the battle for our beginnings (the creation/evolution debate) is a side issue. But this is a foundational issue for the church because it goes to the heart of the authority of the Bible. Christians tell us that when witnessing to their friends the most common questions are about ‘science’ and related issues. Questions like “Who did Cain marry? What about dinosaurs? Where did the races come from? Why does a God of love all death and suffering? Are the days in Genesis millions of years” It is these “rubber hits the road’ type questions that most people are asking today, and CMI, as a specialist information ministry operating in this area, aims to provide answers to show that the Bible connects with all of reality and that it can actually answer these questions. Ultimately, most of the answers for such questions stem from the very first book—Genesis!

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