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Creating Nourishing Routines and Rhythms to Grow Heart, Souls, and Minds

Workshop Speaker: Julie Ross

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About This Workshop

We often can become so focused on “covering the basics” that we forget the importance of filling our homeschool days with truth, beauty, and goodness- then we wonder why homeschooling can feel so draining! In this talk, Julie Ross, the creator of A Gentle Feast, will explore how we can easily add more beauty in our days through nourishing routines and rhythms that will breathe life into our homes. Julie will show you how poetry, art, music, etc. are just as vital as any other subject in the educational feast. In fact, they are absolutely essential if our goal as homeschoolers is to develop students that are whole persons and magnanimous citizens that can bless the world with living ideas and love to learn for knowledge’s sake through the rest of their lives.