Connecting STEM Concepts to the Real World

Workshop Speaker: Jerome D. McQueen

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About This Workshop

It is not always apparent to students how or why new learning concepts will be applicable, so it is important to immediately convey how this new knowledge will be useful. Consider the following questions from a student’s point of view: Why should I care about this? Does it address a real-world problem or current event situation? Is there some local or global issue that would make this appealing to know more about? Is there a real-world career opportunity that would interest me because of learning STEM concepts?
The critical needs for the workforce of tomorrow are not only how much knowledge they possess but how they can access, find, and then use information to creatively solve problems and communicate ideas and concepts effectively.
Jerome McQueen, PE, the AcaSTEMic Engineer and founder of AcaSTEMics, LLC will present real-world applications that are rooted in STEM concepts. This presentation will walk parents through real-world applications that will help them to formulate thought processes that will assist their children in connecting STEM concepts to real-world relevance. Children will immediately understand how and why these STEM concepts are important. Once children understand how and why these STEM concepts are important, they will be motivated to learn more about STEM. Learning more about STEM will ultimately lead them to add value to our world through their chosen occupation.
Specifically, some of the STEM topics the AcaSTEMic Engineer will discuss are:
1. How to read the Department of Transportation (DOT) placards on trucks to have knowledge of chemical properties being transported on highways;
2. Formulating algebraic equations from visiting an amusement park and buying hot dogs; and
3. Calculating physics problems from simply traveling with the family.

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