Classical Education Unhinged is part of this year’s Classical Homeschooling track (sponsored by Medi-Share).

We’d call this session on classical education a “panel discussion,” but that would sound too boring, and the conversation among these six speakers is anything but boring! They discuss what classical education is and how it is done. In the process they agree, disagree, comment, criticize, tell funny stories, dispense advice, and (in the case of Andrew Kern), think stuff up right on the spot.

Watch Chris Perrin use what little energy is left in the room after Professor Carol talks to ask a deep question of Andrew Kern—the answer that makes Martin Cothran simply scratch his head.

Most importantly, you can ask questions and get six different answers, each one—in the opinion of the person giving the answer—better than all the others! And all of it has something important to do with great books, music, language arts, and the humanities. You will leave amused and informed.