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Charles Darwin: A Good Scientist

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Jay Wile

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About This Workshop

Who Many Christians Do Not Understand Because most homeschoolers teach from a creationist perspective, homeschool students tend to develop a very negative view of Charles Darwin. While it is true that many people use Darwin’s theory as a reason to reject the existence of a Creator God, it is also true that without Darwin’s theory, it would be impossible to be a young-earth creationist and a scientist. In this talk, Dr. Wile explains how Darwin’s theory is crucial to modern young-earth creationism. Along the way, he dispels myths that many Christians believe about Darwin.

Creation Versus Evolution

In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a nuclear chemist, explores the complicated Creation Versus Evolution debate. He first presents the scientific evidence that strongly supports a recent, supernatural creation. He then details the scientific evidence that speaks against the hypothesis that the world is the result of a long-term evolutionary process. Drawing on data from genetics, geology, the fossil record, and chemistry, Dr. Wile makes the debate understandable to the layperson and shows that creation is the most reasonable scientific explanation for the world we see around us.

Creation Versus Evolution: Religion Versus Science or Religion Versus Religion?

In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile, a nuclear chemist, shows that the creation versus evolution debate is really a debate between two religions. He shows that from a scientific method point of view, evolution is no more than an unconfirmed hypothesis. This puts it on the same ground as creation, which is also an unconfirmed hypothesis. He then demonstrates that those who believe in evolution have the same essential characteristics as religious believers. In the end, then, he concludes that the whole concept of evolution is a religious one.

Evolution: The Enemy of Truth and Science

This seminar explores the theory of evolution from an historical and educational viewpoint. Dr. Jay L. Wile, a former university professor and high school teacher, gives accounts of the lies promulgated by evolutionists in their attempts to cover up the weakness of their case. He discusses the censorship that occurs daily in our public schools and our institutions of higher learning. This censorship is aimed primarily at creationists, because the bulk of the scientific evidence regarding the history of life stands firmly in their favor. From the anecdotes told by Dr. Wile to the statistical evidence that he presents, this seminar clearly shows how the proponents of the theory of evolution do all they can to cover up the truth. This makes them the enemy of science.