Career Exploration and Planning for Homeschooler Post High School Graduation

Workshop Speaker: Shantelle James

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About This Workshop

Students’ career plans develop in the formative stages which continues to develop and change over time. However students often make decisions about college or careers before they have really spent time thinking about their own interests, values, talents, and abilities. This workshop with focus on the ASVAB Career Exploration Program which emphasizes the importance of planning and decision making skills that can benefit students throughout their lives. Career development during adolescence and early adulthood is an ongoing process and some career programs focus on narrowing down occupational choices for high school students. The ASVAB Program helps students see the importance of high school coursework and how it relates to the “real world.” Demonstrating application of our web based program participate gather an understanding and conceptualize holistic and informed approach to post high school graduation and career planning

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