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Organisms and Biological Structures That Evolutionists Won’t Show You

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Jay Wile

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About This Workshop

Although designed for the general audience, biology teachers have reported the most benefit from attending this seminar by Dr. Jay L. Wile, a former university teacher. In his talk, Dr. Wile highlights some of the most amazing life forms that exist on earth. He shows how their complex biological structures and survival mechanisms are powerful evidence for the existence of a Creator. He talks about sensory mechanisms in creatures that are infinitely more precise and powerful than the most high-tech gadgetry produced by modern science. He discusses many examples of symbiosis and how evolution can never hope to explain them.

Why I Am A Creationist, When So Many Other Scientists Are Not

In this lecture, Dr. Wile uses his development as a scientist to explain why most scientists are not creationists, even though the scientific evidence for creation is so compelling. His frank discussions of indoctrination, discrimination, and bias show quite clearly that most scientists do not reject creationism on the basis of science. If you've ever wondered why evolution is so heavily entrenched in the scientific community, you will want to hear this lecture!