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An Atypical Homeschool: Helping Your Neurodiverse Child Thrive

Workshop Speaker: Colleen Kessler

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About This Workshop

Homeschooling gifted, twice-exceptional, special needs, or otherwise neurodiverse children? Parenting these kiddos can be a challenge, and homeschooling them is that challenge squared.

On the surface, it seems like homeschooling advanced kids, curious, kids, creative and innovative kids would be a breeze and a pleasure. But, simmering underneath all the fun is a complexity you never anticipated.

There are so many things that don’t turn out the way you pictured they would, curriculums or styles that don’t fit, people who don’t “get”you or your kids, and so many sleepless nights wondering and worrying what the future holds.

In this session, you’ll get new perspectives and practical tips from Colleen Kessler and leave ready to start thriving in your homeschool and your parenting as soon as you get home.