A Turn of the Screw

Workshop Speaker: Andrew Kern

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About This Workshop

The underlying premise of most modern thought is that virtue does not matter. There is always a method to solve every problem. This belief dominates conventional education, even much Christian and home education. What parent isn’t enticed by the latest methods?

The preeminence of method is not consistent with Christian wisdom or even with classical insights.

Rather, a great screw was turned in western thought over the course of hundreds of years: from virtue to methods. In this session, Kern argues that we need to turn back from methods to the cultivation of virtue. Further, he suggests that there are plenty of resources to help us make this turn. He also argues that home schooling may well be God’s miraculous means to “destroy the wisdom of the wise.” After all, God has always chosen the weak things of the world to confound the might.” Let us follow Him on the path back to virtue.

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