A Study in Character: Teaching Citizenship & Morality through Shakespeare and Plutarch with Rachel Lebowitz of A Charlotte Mason Plenary

Workshop Speaker: Rachel Lebowitz

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About This Workshop

How do we teach character and citizenship in a way that allows a student to self-educate their own conscience on matters of right and wrong? How do we give our students “informing ideas” that are so important, so foundational, that they help to shape their character?

Charlotte Mason used three tools to teach character: the Bible, Shakespeare, and Plutarch. She believed that the chief responsibility rests on each individual to accept or reject ideas. You probably already teach the Bible in your homeschool, but have you thought about Shakespeare or Plutarch?

Shakespeare’s plays are a window into the soul of mankind. Across time, culture and space, he reiterates the message that we are all alike in that “if you prick us do we not bleed?” We are all plagued by the same vices and driven by the same desires. Although we all see the world through our own bias, Shakespeare teaches us to reach through that bias to see the dignity of each person.

What makes a person great? What makes a person weak? What makes a tyrant or a leader? Plutarch shows us that it is the small decisions in a man’s life that make up his character. We then get to see the consequences of those decisions.

Together, it is a truly remarkable way to study citizenship, statesmanship, character, and morality.

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