A Stroke of Ill-Fate: Becoming a Struggler of Literacy

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Terry Kindervater

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About This Workshop

Imagine spending forty years teaching children to read and write, authoring a multi-sensory early literacy instructional method, and earning a doctorate. In less than a New York minute, Dr. Terry Kindervater went from being a literacy expert to waking up in a hospital bed, unable to read or speak. She had suffered a devastating stroke, which delivered significant struggles and offered a true lesson in humility. Her language center was gone, yet thanks to her program Phonics in Motion, she went from being non-verbal to an effective communicator in about a year. Since Dr. Kindervater walked the path of learning to read and write as a struggler with processing difficulties, and also possesses professional knowledge and expertise in early literacy instruction, she feels impassioned to share her deepened understanding about literacy programming for the struggling student. Come listen to Dr. Kindervater’s story firsthand, as she shares the obstacles and the emotional toll strugglers face. It is incredibly taxing and we, as parents and educators, have to get it right.

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