A Step-by-Step Plan for Creating Educational Vacations that Your Kids Don't Hate or Forget

Workshop Speaker: Adelaide Olguin

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About This Workshop

Want to bring your homeschooling alive by experiencing what you're learning? But you're worried the trip will be a waste of time and money because your kids won't remember it like you want them to! Totally get it! After many years of traveling to foreign countries and around the United States, my kids are experts on the geography, history, culture, and language of places we travel. In this workshop, I'll give you a step by step plan for getting your kids invested in your trip, helping them take ownership of what they're learning, and documenting your trip after you get back in a way that has your kids remembering the academic goldmine you curated for them in your travels... instead of remembering that one restaurant you made them eat at and hated.

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