Gary Bates

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Bio: Gary hails from Australia and has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1990. In 2009 his family relocated to the US to head up the CMI office as its CEO. He is in much in demand for his popular lay talks on creation and, in particular, his specialists talk on the UFO phenomenon. Gary is one of few Christians who has tackled this popular cultural phenomenon, and his 2005 book, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection became an Amazon top-50 best seller within weeks of its release (the only Creationist book ever to achieve this feat). As a leading Christian authority in this area, Gary has travelled extensively around the world, speaking and conducting literally hundreds of interviews on radio, television and various media on the UFO subject and creation topics in general. His book was also made into a movie-length documentary called Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, which, in 2018, aired in many countries and in over 730 theaters in the US alone. Gary wrote, produced and directed this REMI award-winning movie. Gary also wrote and produced another award-winning documentary for CMI called Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels.

Gary, like many CMI staff, was once a convinced evolutionist, and is well equipped to understand both sides of the debate. He also has first-hand experience on how the Creation message has a dramatic impact on lives due to his own conversion experience and is passionate about communicating complex topics in a manner that all can understand.





John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet

Ohio Homeschool Convention

John Stonestreet serves as President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He’s a sought-after author and speaker on areas of faith and culture, theology, worldview, education, and apologetics.

Since 2012, John and Eric Metaxas have co-hosted BreakPoint, the nationally-syndicated commentary on the culture founded by the late Chuck Colson. He is also the voice of The Point, a daily one-minute radio feature on worldview, apologetics, and cultural issues.

Before coming to the Colson Center in 2010, John served various leadership capacities with Summit Ministries, and was on the Biblical Studies faculty at Bryan College (TN).

John has co-authored four books: A Practical Guide to Culture (2017), Restoring All Things (2015), Same-Sex Marriage (2014), and Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview (2007).

John holds degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (IL) and Bryan College (TN). He and his wife Sarah have four children, and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

Connect with John at, or follow him on Twitter.

Dr. Jay Wile

Dr. Jay Wile

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Dr. Jay Wile learned about his love for chemistry when his dedicated parents bought him his first chemistry set. Many stink bombs and a few explosions later, he was hooked! Although he loved chemistry, he also had many other interests. For a while, he thought about becoming a concert pianist, but unfortunately, his fingers were not long enough (no kidding!). As he was finishing up his high school years, he became extremely interested in the theater and began to pursue a career in acting. Partly because he learned the science behind some of the special effects of the plays in which he performed, he eventually went back to his first love: chemistry.

He went to the University of Rochester in upstate New York to study chemistry, and while he was there, he began working on nuclear chemistry experiments. He became so fascinated with nuclear chemistry that he stayed at the University of Rochester and got a Ph.D. in that field. For several years, he did research in the field under the auspices of the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation. This research led to several grants and many publications. While doing research, Dr. Wile was also an assistant professor of chemistry.

Dr. Wile’s love of science is demonstrated by the many awards he has won for excellence in teaching and research. He has also presented numerous lectures on the topics of Nuclear Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, Homeschooling, and Creation vs. Evolution. He has published 30 articles on these subjects in nationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals, and has 9 books to his credit, most of which belong to the award-winning “Exploring Creation with” series of junior-high and high-school science courses.

Movies, Music, and Screens: Entertainment and Christians

What’s ok to watch? What’s ok to listen to? How much screen time is too much screen time? Making good decisions about media and entertainment is tricky, but we can develop good habits to help us navigate culture where it is at its loudest.

Spend Yourself

We will encourage your students to think and live missionally. Jesus tells us if we want to gain life, we must give it away. Following Him means living a life of service and compassion. But in our culture of narcissism and self-promotion, what does that look like? This presentation will examine practical opportunities for students to move from apathy to compassionate action.

The Allure of Good Questions: Starting With Questions, Not Answers, in Everyday Conversations

Afraid conversations about your Christian faith and values will turn into an argument, not a dialogue? Do you feel intimidated when you even think about talking to your non-Christian friends, family, or co-workers about Christ? Then learn how to ask good questions. You’ll learn some very specific skills and questions to help you engage others in friendly conversation about important things and be equipped to present the truth in an intelligent yet gracious way.

The Authors

The setting of the modern and post-modern story for the world echoes Nietzsche’s idea that “God is dead.” This session walks through what each of these stories looks like based on that premise.

The Giver

This session takes a unique look at Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, and demonstrates how there are two ways to miss God: by doing all the wrong things, or by doing all the right things for the wrong reasons. The Christian view of God should be that of extravagant love and grace.

The Judge

This session takes an insightful look at the story of Islam and its view of God. Those who believe this story do not see Allah as a god of grace, and tend to have an extremely legalistic view of morality. Students are invited to ponder how legalism can often effect the Christian understanding of God’s grace.

The Problem of Evil

How can a good God allow evil in the world? This question has plagued Christians and non-Christians alike for centuries. This session provides thought-provoking answers to some of the toughest questions surrounding the issue of evil.

The Threads

We live in stories, we tell stories, we listen to stories, and we relate to stories. Stories are how we understand the world around us. In fact, one’s worldview can be seen as a meta-narrative. It’s important to understand that everyone has a big story they believe, and it’s important to believe the right story. In this session, students are urged to think about the threads that make their story, and discover what meta-narrative they find themselves in. It’s important for Christians to live the same story they believe.

Why I Am a Christian: An Introduction to Apologetics

We will look at the most common reasons Christians give for why they embrace Christianity and show how a skeptical world often shoots those reasons down. Then we’ll discuss the primary reason why we ought to embrace Christianity: because it’s true. We’ll clarify this controversial claim and show how the truth of religious claims must be grounded in reality, not wishful thinking. Of course, such a claim is followed by questions of how we can know Christianity is true, so we’ll look at the importance of apologetics for Christians living in the 21st century.