Pam Barnhill

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Pam Barnhill believes that you don’t have to sacrifice relationships to homeschool strong.

An award-winning educator, former journalist, and now homeschooling mom, she has a knack for breaking down big tasks into small, manageable steps and getting to the heart of the stories her listeners want to hear.

She is the host of three popular homeschooling podcasts:

She also wrote Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace.

Pam lives in the Deep South with her husband of twenty-three years, three (mostly) awesome kids, and a passel of family dogs. You can find her online at

Colleen Kessler

Texas Homeschool Convention South Carolina Homeschool Convention Missouri Homeschool Convention Ohio Homeschool Convention California Homeschool Convention New York Homeschool Convention Florida Homeschool Convention

Colleen Kessler is an explorer, tinkerer, educator, writer, creator, and a passionate advocate for the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children. She has a B.S. in elementary education, a M.Ed. in gifted studies, and is the founder of the popular blog Raising Lifelong Learners as well as Raising Poppies, a community of support for parents of gifted children.

The author of more than a dozen books for teachers, parents, and kids, Colleen left teaching after more than a decade to write and speak about parenting, education, giftedness, and hands-on learning and play. Homeschooling is an adventure she hadn’t planned on, but she has embraced the opportunity to learn alongside her kids every day, and is inspiring other moms and dads to do the same.

Her recent book titles include Super Smart Science: 180 Days of Warm-Ups and Challenging Activities (Prufrock Press) and Real-Life Science Mysteries (Prufrock Press). Watch for Gifted Kids at Home: Everything You Need to Know to Understand Your Quirky Children and Help Them Thrive (RLL Media) and The Coolest, Dirtiest, Creepy-Crawliest Backyard Nature Science Activities for Kids (Page Street Press/Macmillan) coming soon!

You can find more about her, upcoming projects, and where she’ll be speaking in the coming months at and connect with her on social media @ColleenKessler.

Giftedness: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed

So many gifted kiddos are misdiagnosed as having emotional issues. Some diagnoses are actually more common among gifted children, but are overlooked because teachers, doctors, and many psychologists receive little to no training in the field of giftedness. In this session we’ll examine the characteristics of gifted children and discuss how those traits lend themselves to misunderstandings and incorrect diagnoses. We’ll figure out (as best we can) whether a child is showing gifted behaviors or struggles with a challenge like ADHD, SPD, or autism. Because some disabilities are often found in gifted children, we’ll chat about these dual diagnoses too, and come up with practical strategies for you and your family to use to start turning around your challenges on Monday.

Leaders Don’t Eat Their Young: How To Take Charge of Your Homeschool without Sacrificing Relationships

You may have heard the adage that “leaders eat last,” but as homeschooling moms, we sometimes need a different reminder. So often we focus on how and what we should be teaching our kids that we forget our number one role is to love and lead them into adulthood. In this fun and practical session, Pam dives deep into attitudes, relationship-building actions, and proactive practices that help moms create a homeschool they love (almost) every day.

Mom-to-Mom Panel

Morning Time Made Easy: How Beginning Your Day with Delightful Family Learning Can Transform Your Homeschool

Morning Time—a homeschool practice where the entire family is learning together—is sweeping the homeschool community, with more and more families discovering that this simple practice can become the most fruitful and peaceful part of their day. Drawing on interviews with guests from her Your Morning Basket podcast, Pam inspires moms through practical tips, stories, and even demonstrations to begin their Morning Time habit as she breaks down the steps needed to get off to a successful start.

Six Simple Hacks That Will Change Your Homeschool: Overlooked Strategies That Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

Homeschooling is hard, and encouragement is important, but sometimes what we need is a simple idea that can have a far-reaching impact on our success as a homeschool mom. In this helpful and engaging talk, Pam outlines six listener-favorite ideas (she polled them!) that you can implement on Monday to have an immediate positive effect on your homeschool days. Full of tips, stories, and solutions, this session guarantees that you will walk away with something you are excited to try.

Smart Underachievers: Reigniting a Love of Learning

When the light seems to go off, and the once-dubbed “extreme thinker” in your home doesn’t really want to learn anymore, what can you do? In this session, we’ll examine why giftedness does not equal achievement, and how sometimes our smartest kiddos can seemingly be our laziest. And then we’ll work out how to reignite that spark so they are clamoring to study, grow, and learn alongside you—even through their teen years.

When Worry Overwhelms: Helping Your Smart & Anxious Child

The strangest thing about anxiety in children—especially gifted children—is that it doesn’t usually look like what we think of when we think “anxiety.” It can look like anger, frustration, perfectionism, depression, introversion, and so much more. It’s also often big when it comes to our littlest ones. Big worries, coupled with a little’s life experiences, works out to kiddos who are overwhelmed and are in a constant battle between flight or fight. You’ll walk away from this session understanding why smart kids worry and how to help them through it.