Julie Ross

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Bio: Julie H Ross believes that every child needs a feast of living ideas to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. As a former school teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Assistant Director of a Homeschool Academy, Julie Ross has worked with hundreds of students and parents over the past 20 years. She has also been homeschooling her own five children for over a decade. Julie Ross developed the Charlotte Mason curriculum, A Gentle Feast, to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to provide a rich and abundant educational feast full of books, beauty, and Biblical truth. Julie lives in South Carolina with her husband and five children. When she’s not busy homeschooling, reading children’s books, hiking, or writing curriculum, you can find her taking a nap.


The F.E.A.S.T. of the Charlotte Mason Method 

“We spread an abundant and delicate feast in the programmes and each small guest assimilates what he can.” (Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, p. 183)

Charlotte Mason states that a child’s mind must be fed a consistent diet of living ideas in order to grow intellectually in the same way a child’s body needs nourishing food for proper development.  She proposed that the role of the educator is to consistently prepare this abundant and rich feast.  In this 101 workshop, you will be given an overview of Charlotte Mason’s foundational principles, leaving you inspired to create an educational feast for your family.  Come, whet your appetite and see how this Victorian educational pioneer can transform your home school.

Living Ideas: The Food that Nourishes a Life

 “The mind is capable of dealing with only one kind of food; it lives, grows and is nourished upon ideas only; mere information is to it as a meal of sawdust to the body” (Charlotte Mason, Volume 6: A Philosophy of Education, p. 105).

In this workshop, Julie H. Ross will develop Charlotte Mason’s revolutionary philosophy of “living ideas” that come primarily from books, environment, and “things.”  How do we find these sources of rich ideas? What is the best way to present them to our children? What do living ideas do inside our minds?  How do these ideas prepare our children for an abundant life?  Come find the answers to these questions and more in this inspiring and practical workshop.

Nitty Gritty Narration

 “As knowledge is not assimilated until it is reproduced, children should ‘tell back’ after a single reading or hearing: or should write on some part of what they have read. A single reading is insisted on, because children have naturally great power of attention; but this force is dissipated by the re-reading of passages, and also, by questioning, summarizing. and the like.” (Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles)

“Where are all the workbooks, study guides, comprehension questions, and tests?” Julie H Ross often gets asked this common question when she shows the stack of books she is using for the coming school year. When she told a mother about Charlotte Mason’s powerful practice of having the students retell, or narrate, back what they read or heard, the mother responded, “It sounds too good to be true. Is it really that easy?” Julie’s answer: “It is far from easy, but the practice is powerful.”

 Join Julie H Ross for this informative workshop where she breaks down this powerful method into simple steps that will equip you to start implementing this practice right away.


Brandy Vencel

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Brandy Vencel first heard about Charlotte Mason when her children were tiny (and some as yet unborn). It was a divine appointment. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy sung to her soul; it was everything she didn’t know she wanted to know. Brandy was given a six-volume set of Charlotte Mason’s works for her 27th birthday. Those books are now falling apart at the seams from years of reading them over and over again.

These days, Brandy is a Christian wife and mom to four children ages 10–16. She believes in the Charlotte Mason method even more than before, now that she’s taught this way for over a decade. Her passionate interest in educational philosophy is evident wherever you find her:

Brandy is the creator of the study guide Start Here: A Journey Through Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles and The Afterthinker’s Guide to Charlotte Mason Home Education.