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Traci Bakenhaster




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Traci Bakenhaster is the driving force behind Adulting University. With over 12 years of experience in higher education, career tech, and industry, Traci is uniquely positioned to guide parents and students through the intricacies of the homeschooling journey. As a certified financial coach through the Dave Ramsey group and equipped with multiple college degrees and certifications, Traci specializes in helping homeschool students navigate their career journey, emphasizing career readiness, college preparation, and essential life skills. In her engaging talks, Traci shares practical insights tailored to the diverse needs of homeschooling families. Whether it's unraveling the complexities of financial literacy or providing strategic guidance on academic planning, Traci's goal is to empower your family for success in every facet of life. Traci is a speaker who understands the challenges of balancing sports commitments, academics, and the unique demands of homeschooling. Expect a knowledgeable and relatable presentation, offering a personalized approach that resonates with the homeschooling experience, making your educational journey not only successful but fulfilling.

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