Tim Schmoyer

Tim Schmoyer

Midwest Homeschool Convention

As a kid who was homeschooled kindergarten through 12th grade, Tim learned how to be self-taught, how to discover new things on his own, and turn those discoveries into value for other people. As he grew older, those skills became paramount for not only teaching the Bible as a youth pastor for 12 years, but in becoming an accidental entrepreneur.

By the age of 28, he had built and sold his first online business. A year later, he started supporting his family full-time with the income generated by his blog, which had become the most widely-read blog on the Internet in the youth and family space. In 2010, he saw the real potential of using online video to reach people and impact their lives, so he transitioned out of blogging and into YouTube.

Today, he and his wife homeschool their 7 children in Cincinnati and together they reach millions of people every month on YouTube. Their online video business, Video Creators, has worked with several Fortune 100 brands, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Disney, Warner Brothers, and eBay. They’ve also been featured on media outlets like FOX, Forbes, and BBC—which sounds cool—but most of the time their business is either telling stories on YouTube about growing as a family, or Tim is training creators at home to master the YouTube platform and use it as a place to spread messages that change lives.

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