Susan Blackwell

South Carolina Homeschool Convention

We are honored to have Susan Blackwell participating in this year’s Special Needs and Gifted Children track (sponsored by WORLD News Group).

Bio: Susan graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education, and continued working toward her Master’s degree at Bob Jones University and USC.  After teaching in a Christian school for five years, she home schooled her 3 children, one of whom has Special Needs. In the 18 years of homeschooling, Susan began testing home school groups and individuals in various places across the state in grades K through 12 with Standardized testing, as well as tests for Special Needs children.

From 2007 to 2014, Susan became the Director of a Special Needs Program, consulting with parents of students with various needs. She served on the SCHEA board and felt led to work independently with families of Special Needs children, beginning in 2015.  She fully understands the enormity of the task of parenting and schooling the child with special needs.

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