Stacy Farrell

Stacy Farrell

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Stacy Farrell’s worldview changed when she embarked on her homeschooling adventure in 2002. Her background as a researcher, writer, and consultant well-prepared her to teach communication skills; however, only hands-on experience (and much time spent on her knees) equipped her to mentor her sons through the character transformation required to help them work toward their full potential.

In 2010, she founded Home School Adventure Co. to provide families with engaging resources to help them teach students how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the world of ideas.

Stacy speaks at a variety of homeschool conferences, writes for leading Christian homeschool magazines, and publishes engaging resources to help families cultivate and defend a biblical worldview. She has written several books, including the following:

Although Stacy loves to write, speak, and teach, she considers her role as wife to Roger and mother to two precious sons to be her greatest work and privilege. You can learn more about her resources at

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