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Shantelle James




Special Tracks


Shantelle James, M.Ed., is a highly sought after Education Services Specialist with the Department of the Army’s Recruiting Battalion located in Columbia, SC were she networks, builds professional relationships and collaborative partnerships within the education community to open access for Army recruiting. With just under a decade of experience managing a diverse portfolio of Army education products and programs, available free of charge to the education community, she also informs homeschool parents and directors on education enlistment eligibility requirements for students seeking interest in the Army. Ms. James tenure as an instructor with Madison College has gifted her in engaging audiences through learner-centered instruction and the development of varied assessments to appeal to the diverse academic and training needs and career counseling of varied audiences . Ms. James also holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and will present on the Army March2Success program and complimentary learning apps encompassing ingenuity and fun.

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