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Scott Reddig, CEO of Christian Care Ministry, joined the organization in February of 2019. This Melbourne, Florida-based non-profit administers the Medi-Share program, a Christian health care bill-sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Reddig has more than 30 years of experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, serving as Chief Actuary with three different companies and Chief Operating Officer for Guide One Insurance, one of the largest insurers of churches in the country, before joining Christian Care Ministry.

Entering its 30th year of sharing, Medi-Share employs more than 750+ employees in the Melbourne, FL headquarters and at the secondary location in Colorado Springs, as well as working remotely.

Reddig is committed to ensuring that Medi-Share remains a valuable and viable health care solution. “It’s no secret that the health care landscape is constantly changing, including the cost of care. No matter who is in office, healthcare will always be a hot topic for Americans because it touches us all. My goal as CEO is to strengthen the Medi-Share program, build awareness of this healthcare alternative across America and ultimately grow the sharing experience beyond the almost 400,000 members that are currently a part of this vibrant community.”


Christian Care Ministry (CCM) is a non-profit that administers Medi-Share, a Christian community that comes together to share each other’s medical bills. CCM’s mission is “Connecting people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility.” CCM facilitates a variety of cost sharing programs including health care for individuals, families, seniors, and employer programs, as well as disability sharing.

ABOUT MEDI-SHARE Medi-Share is a community of Christians who share each other’s unexpected medical burdens, much like the early church in Acts. As a faith-based program, members pray for each other and have agreed to share in expenses that align with their Christian faith. Since 1993, Medi-Share has been a viable solution to rising health care costs, providing an affordable choice for faith-based consumers. Each month, nearly 400,000 Medi-Share members across America share approximately $50 million of one another’s medical expenses.