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Scott Phelps serves as President of the Abstinence & Marriage
Education Resources near Chicago, IL, and is cofounder of the
National Abstinence Education Association (now Ascend) in
Washington D.C.

Mr. Phelps is the author of five of popular character---based
abstinence education programs for youth, which are widely used
around the country: Game Plan, Quest, Aspire, Navigator, and Excel.
Mr. Phelps conducts training seminars nationally to help parents and
teachers effectively communicate the benefits of abstinence and
marriage to youth.

His career is dedicated to helping today's teens to resist negative
pressures and make good decisions for their lives by following the
Success Sequence. Scott holds a bachelor's degree from San
Francisco State University and a master's degree from Trinity
International University in Deerfield, IL.

Mr. Phelps’ training seminars have equipped over 4,000 teachers
around the country, and A&M programs have reached approximately
2,000,000 teens accross all 50 states.


Scott Phelps | Abstinence & Marriage Education Resources
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Scott Phelps | Abstinence & Marriage Education Resources
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