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Scott Lindberg




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Scott Lindberg is the founder of Free Market Kids, a company he started to develop tabletop games that make learning about money concepts fun and easy. He is the designer and creator of several games including "Is That The Best Your Can Do?" which teaches the movement of price points based on supply and demand, as well as "HODL UP" which teaches the basics of Bitcoin blockchain. HODL UP is STEM authenticated and has received raving reviews from players as a useful and effective tool to explain Bitcoin to newcomers. He also authored the companion book to HODL UP, "Learning Through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons". He was most recently featured on the Citadel Dispatch podcast: Episode 84 - "Homeschooling and Bitcoin Games with Scott, Tali, and P". He is an Army veteran, graduate of West Point and Yale School of Management. He and his wife, Tali, homeschooled their four children over the past twenty years.

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