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Sarah Janisse Brown is a Homeschooling Mom of 15 children ages 7 to 23. Several of her children are dyslexic, creative, extra-active, and can't sit still unless they are focused on one of their favorite topics. Some of the children are newly adopted and are learning English this year! Sarah has been on a quest to help them all to discover their unique passions and find joy in learning through curiosity and discovery.

Over the years Sarah has developed a method of homeschooling that has recently become known as Fun-Schooling. Sarah and her husband Joshua founded The Thinking Tree Publishing Company and created Dyslexia Games Therapy to help struggling readers to overcome reading confusion. Sarah has published dozens of Five-Star Homeschooling Books and Journals that help make homeschooling fun. Sarah and her family recently serve as missionaries in Ukraine where they adopted five children, and now live in Indiana with the ten youngest children. Learn more at


Sarah Janisse Brown | The Thinking Tree, LLC
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